Pa Finucane
One day, Pa Finucane decided that city living wasn’t for him any more, so he hit the road in his camper van looking for a new place to call home.  He really wanted to be beside the sea, so it’s a bit odd that he ended up settling right in the middle of the country (although Django the hostel-dog is delighted that he did)!  What made him choose Cloughjordan?……
“I travelled around to a lot of lovely places, but none of them really inspired me.  Then, I heard about the Ecovillage project in Cloughjordan.  Their ideas seemed very close to my own philosophy on caring for the environment and dealing with the challenges of the future, so I decided to take a look.
Once I arrived in Cloughjordan, I was enthralled!  The project was fantastic and had great potential, the area was just beautiful and I met some wonderful people.  I felt sure I’d found my new home, and signed up to become a member.
I didn’t just want to build a house here, I wanted to do something really constructive.  There were lots of plans for events and courses here, but if we wanted to encourage lots of visitors, they were going to need a place to stay!  I have many years experience in the hospitality industry, managing bars and hotels, so building a hostel seemed to be the obvious choice for me.
Since I moved here and began work on the hostel, I’ve discovered that the most precious thing about this project is the community.  I’ve forged connections with warm, imaginative people who are supporting each other to make the Ecovillage the best it can be.  It’s a great example of what can be created by a whole community working together.
I feel right at home here, and I know I made the right choice…. even if it IS as far away as it could be from the sea!
When you come and stay at Django’s, I hope you’ll be just as happy here as I am.   Pa

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