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CALLING THE CURLEW HOME – Talk by Michelle Carey

Thomas McDonagh Museum at 7:30PM – Sunday, May 15th

The Eurasian curlew has been an integral part of Irish culture for countless generations, inspiring poems, stories, folklore, music, and even place names. After a 97% population decline in 30 years, Ireland’s native curlew population is critically endangered with just over 100 breeding pairs clinging on. Why are we losing a species that is so deeply embedded in our culture and what can we do to save it?

MEDICINAL TREE WALK – Walk by Rachel Hussey

Cloughjordan Ecovillage at 11:00AM – Tuesday, May 17th

Local herbalist Rachel Hussey will take you on a journey to discover the fascinating health benefits of some of the common trees we walk past every day. You will learn about their medicinal and nutritional benefits, when to harvest and how to prepare them.  Numbers are limited to 12 people, (BOOKED OUT).


Thomas McDonagh Museum at 8:45PM – Sunday, 15th May

At 8.45 on Sunday, 15th May, there will be a short presentation on the impact of lighting on biodiversity and short videos on constellations. Following the talk, those interested are invited to Market Square in the Ecovillage to  stargaze with telescopes. The event continues at the Sky Bowl at the Amphitheatre to see the lunar eclipse and, for those who want to, to wait for a spring dawn chorus.

Sky Bowl, Cloughjordan Amphitheatre at 8:30PM – Saturday 21st May

At 8:30 PM on Saturday, 21st May, there will be an event for children with storytelling, followed by stargazing for all. For more information contact: [email protected]

THE IMPORTANCE OF A COMMUNITY SEED BANK – Video talk by Kevin Dudley, edited by Eoin Campbell

Available to view here

The act of saving and sharing seeds has a profound impact on biological diversity which is essential to the long-term vitality of all ecosystems. Keeping this genetic diversity alive helps ensure the resilience of both the wild and cultivated environments. A community seed bank ensures that as seeds are shared without restrictions they also remain in the public domain.


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