One third of the Ecovillage is devoted to woodland.  The woodland area covers 6.1 hectares planted with more than 17,000 trees.

Composed primarily of native species such as oak, ash, scot’s pine, birch, rowan, cherry, hazel and alder, there are small amounts of sweet chestnut and other non-native species.

Fencing protects our young trees from damage.  There are gates, clearings, and paths so that we and visitors may appreciate the developing woods. Our perimeter walk takes visitors through our woodland area.  We plan to have a future continuous loop for cycling and running around the entire boundary.

There are a number of clearings through the woodland. Within these clearings is a seven-circuit Celtic labyrinth, art installations, and spaces to relax and recharge alongside nature. The woodland provides a haven for biodiversity, an educational resource, coppicing, some edible plants, and a wonderful leisure amenity as well.