We designed the ecovillage’s landscape based on the principles of environmental and ecological diversity, productive landscape, and permaculture.

The ecovillage has 67 acres of land which has three broad uses – residential, woodland and farmland. There is a nursery, apple tree walk, and edible landscaping around the buildings.  We planted 17,000 trees  in the community woodland in 2011.

Over 60 regional varieties of apple trees grow in the nursery.  We planted thousands of trees grafted in the nursery throughout the estate in 2012. Various varieties of herbs and fruit bushes complement the community’s edible landscape plan.

The project’s landscape plan uses mainly native species with important exceptions for plants that suit local conditions such as Elaeagnus, crab apple and plum. We include lime trees for their historical association with Cloughjordan. Beech trees are promoted as they are highly suited to the local environment.