People Care

Our communities are made up of people whose lives are intertwined with each other and caring for ourselves and one another is essential. What are the best ways to do this?

Burnout is common in those that work in Community Climate Action. In the “Minding Ourselves” webinar we look at why this is the case and how we can take better care of ourselves and each other in challenging situations. There are also comprehensive links to resources that might help.

Community Climate Action can bring many benefits – a sense of belonging and hope, good food, nature connection, support and creativity – and it is important to share these benefits with those that may not be naturally drawn to the cause. Bringing less often heard voices to the table can also bring huge benefits to your organisation. The “Engaging our Wider Communities” webinar brings together people from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and some helpful resources are also provided. There are also case studies and data about the challenges and approaches taken by place based centres regarding social inclusion.

We look at the importance of celebrations to community groups and showcase Féile na nÚll – the yearly apple festival in Cloughjordan as inspiration about how, with just a few apple trees, you can create an engaging community event with a broad appeal.