Group Visits

Cloughjordan Ecovillage attracts group visits from Community Groups, Schools, Colleges and Professionals from all over Ireland and from abroad to our unique, inspiring learning experiences. We welcome thousands of visitors a year and a busy week might see several group visits.

To organise a group visit please call Veronica on 086 085 1576, email

Customised Content

We can respond to the different needs of groups visiting Cloughjordan Ecovillage by tailoring the schedule and content to the specific interests of the group on request. Each programme is designed to enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of the range of social, environmental and economic topics that Cloughjordan Ecovillage is exploring, at whatever level is appropriate.

Organising a Group Booking

  1. Call Veronica on 086 085 1576, email
  2. Enter your details, proposed date and desired outcomes of your visit
  3. We respond with confirmation of date, proposed programme and pricing

Group Visit Options

[ 1 ] Ecovillage Introduction
An active learning experience, opening with with a presentation on the Ecovillage, followed by a guided tour in small groups and a facilitated discussion.

Duration: Up to 5 hours (typically 11am to 4pm)

Ideal for Schools and Colleges or Professional and Community Groups


[ 2 ] Ecovillage Exploration (residential)
A community-based learning experience on a sustainability topic relevant to participants: an extended version of [1], often including some practical work.

Duration: 2 days or more

Ideal for students & community activists interested in gaining deeper knowledge of sustainability and community development, in the context of a unique community experience.

We can also provide a short general-interest guided tour on request.


[ 3 ] Learning Journeys

Cultivate in association with the Ecovillage work with professional groups to devise a personalised itinerary on their specific area of interest.

These are focused on topics such as renewable energy, green building, local food, community resilience and sustainable tourism, These study tours can range from one to several days, depending on the itinerary developed, we recommend at least two days to allow for a more immersive experience. For more info, options or booking email:


[4] Ecovillage 3rd Level Module

The ecovillage offers an academic module accredited through various universities on the transition to a low-carbon society based on the practical example of what it has achieved to date.  This module is adapted to the needs of particular groups of students and is offered in the ecovillage. For more info, contact:

[5] Bread Courses with Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread school.

For full details and booking information see

[a] Introduction to Baking Real Bread

Gain a fundamental understanding of the best types of flours to use, how to get the best results baking in your home oven and how to best incorporate home baking into your daily routine. For beginners as well as more experienced home baker looking to enhance their skills. You will bring home a selection of breads, sourdough starter and the confidence to bake real bread at home!

[b] Sourdough Course

Gain an understanding of how to blend flours and flavours and refresh your sourdough starters. Using temperature and various fermentation techniques, learn how to work with the subtle and complex textures, flavours and forms of breads. You will bring home a selection of breads, fresh sourdough starter and confidence to bake real bread at home!

[c] Serious Sourdough

This course builds on our Sourdough Course. It will expand on those techniques already learned and introduce you to a new range of possibilities for working with natural fermentation. It is suitable for home and professional bakers alike who already have some experience baking sourdough breads, as well as professional pastry chefs who wish to broaden their repertoire.

[6] A series of sessions in the RED Gardens: Research/Education/Development –  exploring diverse ways to grow vegetables. Managed by Bruce Darrell, in Cloughjordan Ecovillage

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For more information, please call Veronica on 086 085 1576, email