Our Enterprises and Livelihoods

Ecovillages are, in the words of US politics professor Karen T. Litfin who has written about them (Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community, Polity, 2014) ‘laboratories for economic experimentation’. A number of those who moved to Cloughjordan to live in or on the margins of the ecovillage have established businesses.

  • WeCreate, built in the ecovillage with local, national and EU funding. The centre offers co-working, shared workspaces for local businesses, entrepreneurs and projects. There are future plans and space for a community kitchen. WeCreate also runs courses for colleges has been accredited as a ‘Discover Primary Science and Maths’ centre by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) allowing visiting schools claim credits towards SFI awards.
  • Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) – the only community-based FabLab in Ireland – established by two ecovillage members. It is part of the worldwide network of FabLabs allowing the manufacture of almost anything through downloading plans and using computers to make the products.
  • Django’s eco-hostel with 34 beds
  • RiotRye wood-fired bakery and bread school located in the eco-village
  • Cultivate, an educational NGO specialising in community resilience, permaculture and sustainability
  • FEASTA, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability
  • Cloughjordan Arts
  • Cloughjordan Community Amphitheatre – a multi-purpose facility with a 300-audience capacity, which will be capable of staging a diverse range of cultural events.
  • Cloughjordan CoHousing.
  • Red Gardens – These gardens are being developed and managed by Bruce Darrell to explore the diversity of complex answers to a simple question: What is the best way to grow food? see his online YouTube channel here. and Facebook page here.
  • Cloughjordan Community Farm  provides fresh seasonal food to over 70 member in the Cloughjordan area.
  • Cluckjordan Eggs – Free range organic chickens providing fresh eggs.
  • E-VINE (Village Internet Network Engineering) provides internet and telephone services to ecovillage residents
  • Sheelagh na Gig, a bookshop and coffee shop on Cloughjordan’s main street. Walnut Books, the on-line bookshop for books on ecology and sustainable solutions, is located at Sheelagh na Gig.
  • Gaia Ecotecture Ecological architecture using locally-sourced materials; timberframe, hemplime walling and natural slate roofing – the first phase of An Corrán (three, 3-storey live-work units) was completed in 2014. Seven further, two independent-living apartments and one of the Community Buildings are ready to proceed, with Planning Permission and Fire Safety Certification, all to Gaïa ecotecture’s design. More details available on enquiry and on the Gaia Ecotecture website here  

In these ways the ecovillage is the centre of extensive economic activity generating livelihoods and drawing many visitors to the locality and encouraging more businesses to locate in Cloughjordan.  At the heart of sustainable living is the ability to generate sufficient income to live well within the ethic of sharing and mutual support.

An Corrán, completed November 2013

An Corrán, completed November 2013


Working in Ireland's first community FabLab

Learning to code at WeCreate

Joe & Julie Portrait

Joe & Julie of RiotRye Bakery

Django's ecohostel at the entrance to the ecovillage

Django’s ecohostel at the entrance to the ecovillage

Sheelagh na Gig book and coffee shop

Sheelagh na Gig book and coffee shop