Our Community

Cloughjordan Ecovillage is a neighborhood demonstrating best practice in community development and rural regeneration, which is located in Cloughjordan, Tipperary, Ireland. It is being developed by Sustainable Projects Ireland, a registered educational charity and national NGO. The project is a mixed use development with a strong emphasis on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Cloughjordan Ecovillage is groundbreaking in that it uses a combination of shared-out responsibilities and consensus decision-making in its organisational structures. Much of the work of running the project is shared out amongst members on a voluntary basis, through a number of designated working groups. Most weekends in the ecovillage neighbours come together for a meitheal, an Irish word for a work party.

All decisions are made by the consensus of those involved, with matters of general policy and direction decided at the monthly Members’ Meetings.

Our strategy is to be a centre of excellence for awareness raising and education in the areas of: energy conservation and production; reduction and recycling of resources; sustainable livelihoods; sustainable, local, food production; broad community understanding of the converging environmental, social and economic challenges and the need to develop resilience as the key response.

In order to build our community’s resilience and adaptability we will need to nurture relationships with stakeholders at the local, regional, national and international level and to innovate. We believe that our approach to building a resilient economy sustained by local enterprises, ecotourism, social entrepreneurs and strategic partners will demonstrate a new way of living in rural areas.


Ecovillage members

Ecovillage members

A diverse group of people have joined the ecovillage. People from all walks of life, from all over the country and abroad, young and old, families and single people, are working together to create an enriching place to live. People join for a variety of reasons: many are attracted to the community sharing, others to green living and food production, others to the democratic and inclusive nature of the community.