What’s For Sale?

There are five types of site:

            • apartment
            • live-work unit
            • terrace
            • semi-detached
            • detached

Sites are for sale in the Ecovillage from Sustainable Projects Ireland Ltd and from private owners.

How To Buy A Site

            • Call us on +353 (0)505 42833 to arrange a meeting
            • Come along and visit. Meet the people involved and discover what living in the ecovillage and Cloughjordan is like.

Over 80 sites have been sold and more than 50 households are living in the Ecovillage. We are more than just a housing development and we encourage prospective purchasers to come along to members meetings and events prior to purchase so that they can experience life in the ecovilllage.

Site Prices

            • apartment        €22,000    to    €28,000
            • live-work unit        €29,138    to    €35,000
            • terrace        €25,402    to    €69,000
            • semi-detached    €41,580    to    €59,000
            • detached        €35,280    to    €79,000

A Community Development Charge applies at the rate of €10,340 for an apartment site and €15,340 for a house site, payable at the time of site purchase.


Detailed Site Map

Large Sketch Map of the ecovillage


Other costs incurred include:

            • Legal fees and stamp duty
            • Professional fees for architectural and building services
            • Ecovillage construction management fee
            • Council Development Contribution Charge
            • Construction costs and house fit out
            • Garden landscaping
            • Monthly and Annual Charges
                        • Monthly metered Heating Charges,
                        • Annual SPIL membership subscription
                        • Annual Owners Management Company Charge
            • Local charges such as water charges, property tax, waste management etc

Further details are available from the sales team. Construction costs can vary widely depending on your build requirements. With over 50 homes built and occupied we have a wide range of experience to share with you.

What sites are available?

Single-build. There are 11 ‘single-build’ sites still available where you can design and build a detached house or live-work unit, either through a main contractor or by self-build. Collaborative build. Keep costs down by sharing an architect and builder with a small group of people building their own home in a terrace or cluster. Contact us for more details, maps, etc.

How are the site prices determined?

As a not-for-profit charity, there’s no surplus or profit on site sales. We’ve carefully tried to match project costs to site prices. Prices might go up in future if the cost of finishing the ecovillage project go up. Currently, site prices are about half what they were in 2012.

What’s included in the site price?

For your investment you get a fully serviced site. This includes the services of water, electricity, sewerage and the community heating system. This is a huge benefit as typical costs for servicing a green-field site range from €10,000 to €20,000.

What’s the Community Development Charge?

This amounts to €15,340 for a residential site and €10,340 for an apartment and some live/work units. Part of this payment (€5,200) is for the purchase of a 750 litre buffer tank and heat station for the house to facilitate connection to the community heating system.

Do I own my site outright?

Standard sites are owned outright by the purchaser. If someone is selling their site or house within the ecovillage, the only requirement on them is that they sell to someone who becomes a member of Sustainable Projects Ireland CLG upon purchase. Apartments and some live/work units are available on a 999-year lease.

What Infrastructure Services does the Ecovillage provide?

Infrastructure connections to water, electricity, sewerage and the community heating system are already on the site. There is an internet provider in the community – VINE – that can connect high-speed fibreoptic broadband to your home for a very competitive price.