Previously the only way to become a member of Sustainable Projects Ireland Ltd was to pay a €15,000 deposit towards the purchase of a site in the ecovillage, as outlined in our membership agreement.   We are developing a mechanism for non-site owners residing in the Ecovillage, who haven’t paid a deposit, to become members of Sustainable Projects Ireland.

To date, only one Ecovillage house has been put up for sale, so opportunities to buy a ready-built property are rare. Therefore the most popular and accessible route into membership of the community is to buy a site and build a home on it. By buying a site in the ecovillage, you are expected to become a member of Sustainable Projects Ireland CLG. Please email to find out what is currently available.

SPIL membership comes with both benefits and responsibilities; you get to share in important decisions about the company, management of the land, our ethos and so on; but you will also be committing to donate at least 100 hours’ unpaid work each year in addition to your annual membership subscription (currently €100 pa per person).

The work can be as diverse as, for example, tree-planting, administration, marketing, website management or fencing, so there are multiple opportunities to engage, share your skills and talents and learn new skills along the way.