What is being said about us?

The Sunday Times

‘Cloughjordan is a small country town – but a big ecovillage’

…Green living at Cloughjordan marks it out as a progressive and socially active place to live, writes Arlene Harris..

The Guardian

‘Paradise lost? What happened to Ireland’s model eco-village’ 

…Ten years later, it is remarkable that Cloughjordan is still soldiering on. Harsh lessons have been learned and this is certainly no utopia. But locals are adamant that they are the pioneers of a low-carbon economy and that the world can learn from their example...

Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, Vincent Carragher and Michael Peters (2018)

‘Engaging an ecovillage and measuring its ecological footprint’

Vol23/Issue 8/2018
…As ecovillages present themselves as models of low-carbon living measuring the Ecological Footprint (EF) of an ecovillage serves both to validate that claim and to examine the component features of how the EF is achieved. This article examines the first measurement of the EF of Ireland’s only ecovillage, situated in the village of Cloughjordan in county Tipperary..

The Irish Times

Celebrating the first European Day of Sustainable Communities 

Civilised society has always had its outsiders: people who reject the dominant cultural, political or socio-economic status quo and set up communities, following a specific intellectual or spiritual path..

Maynooth University

Students visit Cloughjordan eco-village


The visit provided an opportunity to see, first-hand, and hear from leading members of the eco-village community, about this pioneering experiment in sustainable and low-carbon living.

The Nenagh Guardian

Light pollution talk in Cloughjordan


…A large crowd gathered in the Thomas McDonagh Heritage Centre in Cloughjordan to hear Trinity College Dublin Astrophysicist Dr Brian Espey deliver a talk on light pollution…

The Irish Times

Cloughjordan: Inside Ireland’s only ecovillage 

11/12/2015 | Author: Iva Pocock

…Estate has survived recession and teething problems; now it’s gaining European acclaim…

Totally Dublin

The Cloughjordan Ecovillage: how a one-horse-town is transforming into an experimental eco enclave

Author: Rachel Donnelly

…Although brimming with historical bric a crac, as well as being the hailing place of poet Thomas MacDonagh, Cloughjordan is not somewhere you would particularly remark upon when passing through. It’s a typical rural Irish village, or as one long-term resident described it: ‘a sleepy, one-horse town’. But, there’s an aspect of Cloughjordan that’s unique – Ireland’s first, and so far only, eco-village nestles on 67 acres of fertile land just adjacent to the main street…

BBC News Europe

Cloughjordan eco-village makes slow progress due to economic downturn

2/2/2015 | Author: Shane Harrison

…Five years ago I visited Ireland’s first eco-village at Cloughjordan in County Tipperary and I recently returned to see how the experiment has developed…

Irish Times

Built to last: at home in Ireland’s first ecovillage

27/5/2014  | Author: Brian Keane

…Ireland is in the throes of another housing crisis. Conventional housing is wasteful. If Cloughjordan is a viable model for a new, resilient Ireland, capable of facing whatever the future has in store, why is it not being considered as a working template as we prepare to build again?…..

Irish Independent

On the edge of a Utopia in Rural Ireland. An Irish town is reinventing itself with a self-sustainable ‘model community’

2/2/2014 | Author: Ciaran Walsh

…Utopias have a bad history. Describing a housing estate in a small town in Co Tipperary as Utopian might seem like a bad joke, except that the same development was awarded a gold medal at the UN-backed International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) in December….

Irish Independent

29/11/2013 | Author: Douglas Dalby

A New Concept in House Building

….Closer to home, in Co Tipperary, the eco-village in Cloughjordan is probably the most famous citizen development in Ireland to date. The site comprises almost 70 acres; a third of it residential…..

Irish Independent

23/5/2011 | Author: John Meagher

Welcome to the (eco)friendliest village in the country. One of the last vibrant building sites in Ireland is breathing life into its area

…Reams of scaffolding, dozens of builders in fluorescent bibs, the persistent din of construction. It reads like a memory of those heady Celtic Tiger days when house-building seemed to be our national hobby. And for the country as a whole, building work on such a large scale is a thing of the past — a relic of a different age. But there is one part of Ireland where residential construction is enjoying a boom. Welcome to Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary….